Sunday, November 20, 2011

Peach Applesauce

I was getting ready to make my son lunch last week when he asked for some applesauce. Now, he's 2 -1/2 so I take everything he says with a grain of salt. It's happened quite a few times that he'll tell us he wants something, we make it, and then he refuses to eat it. It seems to be a fun, little game for him. Well, when he asked for applesauce, I was shocked because he usually won't eat it for me. He'll eat it for his grandmas, but not for mom!

I still had some leftover apples from the orchard so I thought I'd just whip some up for him. I figured, even if he didn't eat it, my husband or I would. Since I had some extra peaches from my Apple Peach Salsa in the freezer, I decided to throw some of them in for a nice variation. I normally don't add sugar when I make applesauce, but the peaches were pretty tart so it needed a little sweetness. The blend of apples and peaches were, once again, a perfect pair.

And as predicted, my son refused to eat the sauce that I made specifically for him. It was a great accompaniment to quite a few of my lunches though...

Peach Applesauce

4 c chopped apples, peeled and cored
2 c chopped fresh or frozen peaches, skinned and pitted if fresh (about 1/2 lb)
1 TB sugar (optional)
1/3 c water

1. Cook all ingredients in a large pot over med-low heat, stirring occasionally for about 30 - 40 minutes.
2. When fruit is tender, puree in batches. (Be careful not to over-puree.)
3. Allow to cool.
4. Serve at room temperature or cold.

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