Friday, June 28, 2013

Creamy Cheddar Polenta

I had the biggest craving for polenta the other day. I'm not sure why, but a creamy polenta just sounded so good. We grilled up some steaks so I had my chance! Polenta goes really well with meat and my hubby suggested adding some cheddar cheese to it for a little variation. Why the heck not, right?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Grilled Honey Lemon Chicken Kabobs

The post for this recipe will be short, sweet and to the point. Partly because there isn't much to say other than these little chicken bites were deliciously moist and subtly sweet, but mostly because it's very difficult to type when your good hand is bandaged up. If you follow me on Facebook, you may know that I got some lovely second degree burns from a pan on the stove. Yep, put my hand right on the bottom of a pan that was next to a boiling pot of water. And of course, the part I touched was in the flames. Oh boy, right? Pretty careless on my part so I'm now paying the consequences.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Blueberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

I bought a blueberry bush today. Couldn't resist with my new-found green thumb.

And, well, I thought it might be a good idea since my son and I love them so much and they're just so expensive. The plant was only eight bucks so why not give it a go, right?

Blueberries don't usually stick around very long here, but if by chance there are any sitting around after a few days, I'll use them up in a recipe before they go bad. I love to use blueberries in cooking and baking soone day, a coffee cake sounded good. I was also looking for something easy so I thought I'd use the crescent dough can that had been lingering in the fridge. It seemed like it would work really well since it bakes up nice and flaky so I worked out a couple ideas and ended up with this super easy, super yummy dessert.