Sunday, October 9, 2011

PB & J Pancake Sticks

Some morning are easier than others in my house. Some are also harder. On those mornings when nothing is going right and I need to get my son settled and get started on some work, I look for an easy breakfast. I'll usually ask the little guy what he would like and I'll almost always get an answer that is actually breakfast food! Every once in awhile I'll get a reply of pretzels or string cheese, but the other morning, my answer was pancakes.

I was definitely ok with this because I just use a basic pancake mix to save time and money. (I buy a giant bag from Costco and it lasts so long!) I decided to change up the pancakes a bit by putting a PB&J twist on them this time. I took simple pancake batter and added a spoon of peanut butter. After tasting the first pancake, I found it to be pretty bitter so I added a spoon of sugar. The end result was a nice, fluffy pancake with a hint of peanut butter flavor. I cooked them in the shape of  'sticks' so they'd be easier (and more fun) for my son to dunk into the 'jelly' dip. The sauce was simply equal parts of syrup and seedless blackberry preserves. It was a great consistency and tasted like those flavored syrups from the grocery store that cost way too much money. If you're looking for a breakfast that's a little different than the standard, I'd recommend giving some 'PB' pancake sticks and 'J' dip a try.

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