Friday, September 7, 2012

Peanut Butter Banana Bites

My kid is weird. I think I may have inadvertently made him skip loving 'kid food' and go straight to the stuff that kids don't usually eat. My sister and I did it when we were little though and I honestly don't really think it impacted anything so it probably doesn't matter in his case either.

Here's an example of my last kid-friendly food and my son's reaction. Now, keep in mind that he loves every single ingredient that I've used in it so it isn't like it was some weird concoction or anything...

The other morning I thought I'd whip up a little, fun, finger-food for breakfast. We just bought some bananas at the store and since my son loves them, I thought I'd pair it with peanut butter (which he also absolutely loves) and a tortilla. I'm calling them Peanut Butter Banana Bites because, well, there really isn't a better name for them. All you do is simply spread the tortilla with a little peanut butter, place the banana on top, roll it up and slice it into bite-size pieces. I also did one with chocolate hazelnut spread for a little variation. Sounds like perfect kid food, right? Well, he wouldn't even touch it! He actually screamed "No!" and ran away at one point. I just didn't get it. They looked good and they tasted good so what was the problem? After a few minutes of coaxing, he finally ate one and loved it. Well, that's what he told me anyways because after that first one, he wouldn't have another.

My husband loved it. I loved it. My son said he loved it. He either lied and really didn't or he did but would rather play with his trains than eat. I think he secretly liked it but just couldn't stand to be away from those trains for one more minute. Either way, it's the perfect little bite and any kid would love them as a fun breakfast or a snack.

I bet he'll scarf up the whole thing next time I make it...

Peanut Butter Banana Bites

1 banana (don't use one that's over ripe or it will become mushy when you slice it)
1-2 TB peanut butter (or chocolate hazelnut spread)
1 tortilla (white or wheat)

1. Spread tortilla with peanut butter.
2. Place peeled banana at one end of the tortilla and roll it up to the other side.
3. Slice into 1/2" - 3/4" pieces.

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