Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Metallic, Purple and Formal

My life revolves around so many different things these days - work, my son, my husband, and of course, my passion for cooking that you already know of. My intentions with this blog were to not only share my interests in cooking, but to also share my other passions. I created this blog to express, share, and strengthen all of my loves in life. One of the things I love to do is create and design wedding invitations. This is one of those areas where a hobby crosses over into my work life. Projects like this are why I love my job!

The invitations I just finished working on follow the latest trend in wedding invitations. Pockets were used with metallic paper to take the bride's (and groom's) colors, flowers and style preferences to create invitations that showcase the formality of the event and the atmosphere that the whole day will bring.  (Names and details have been blurred for privacy)

Pockets Folder
Metallic Paper/Cardstock
Belly Bands
Metallic Stickers

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