Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tomato Cucumber Salad with Mango

Have you ever had one of those days where you're just craving something veggie packed and fruity at the same time? I have. On many occasions actually.

This just means that I'm really wanting something refreshing and light. It usually ends up being in the form of a salad, but this time there wasn't any lettuce involved. And I didn't miss it one bit. Sure lettuce is fine and dandy most of the time, but in the case of this salad, it would have ruined it. It was so good like it was. In fact, the only thing I'd consider adding is some beans. Chick peas would be fantastic with the combination here. Maybe a little feta or goat cheese.... Hmm. I feel the start of another new recipe coming!
Tomato Cucumber Salad with Mango


 1 TB olive oil
 1 TB lemon juice
 Pinch of kosher salt
 Pinch paprika
 1/8 tsp pepper
 1 TB fresh minced parsley
 1 c grape tomatoes, halved
 1/2 lg cucumber, diced
 1 TB thinly sliced red onion
 3/4 c diced mango
 1/4 - 1/2 c cubed or crumbled cheese (such as mozzarella, monterey jack, etc.)


1. Mix first six ingredients together and set aside.
2. Combine remaining ingredients in medium-sized bowl. Toss with olive oil mixture and refrigerate for about an hour before serving.

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