Thursday, January 17, 2013

Growing Up (A Little Too) Fast

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We hit a milestone over here last week. My little man started school for the very first time. Granted, it's just preschool, but it's school regardless. I was definitely ready, but at the same time, I'm not ready for my little boy to be big enough for school. I mean, he's still in a carseat for cryin' out loud! How did this happen!? He seems to have grown up way too fast over the past couple months and I don't like it one bit.

His first day was last Monday and I'm happy to report that week two is almost over and we've had no incidents. None at all. How could this be? Well, the little guy has always accepted change - big or small - very well so I wasn't really surprised, but I was expecting a little shyness. I got none. Keep in mind, I work from home and he's with me almost non-stop. He's only around other kids a couple a year when his cousins are in town and the only times he's not with me is when he's with his grandmas. Again, no other kids there. I didn't really expect him to take so well to this room full of other little people, but I guess he just likes to throw his mom and dad off their game every once in awhile! In fact, we were so thrown for a loop that we couldn't believe when he just walked away from us right after we took his coat off and put it into his little cubby. It was like he was a pro at this school thing from the start! My husband and I hung back for a bit so he didn't flip out when we left, but I honestly don't even think it registered when we said goodbye. I kissed him on the cheek and said we were leaving and all I got was a simple, "Okay." Really? Just okay? Ugh...tiny little stab to my proud heart. What was a mom to do at this point? Walk away and be happy that he loves his school and his teachers and his first *gasp* friends who love Thomas the Train just as much as he does.

So while I may be a little sad that my little boy isn't so little anymore, I'm thrilled that he's so well-adjusted and experiencing a whole new adventure in his life. This is good for him and good for me. And I'll just keep telling myself that every day...

Do you have little ones in school? How did you feel on that first day?

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