Friday, January 13, 2012

A Mango Mimosa Makes Everything Better

I haven't posted anything in a few days and I feel like I've been going through blog withdrawal! I've been so busy with work that my little side hobby has taken a back seat and I'm not happy about it. Don't get me wrong, I love the four websites, two brochures, email newsletter, and wedding invitations I've been working on, but there's just something about my passion for cooking and sharing it with everyone that fuels my creativity in the kitchen.

Since I haven't written about a recipe in a few days, I feel it's fitting that this post be a drink. All this work and so little time has left me just a tad stressed so I whipped up a Mango Mimosa tonight. This drink was inspired by my cousin's husband. We were at a New Year's Eve wedding and when we were leaving, he told me to make something with the sparkling wine that we received as favors. They were such cute, little bottles and the idea for this mimosa struck me almost instantly.

I've had a bottle of mango nectar in my fridge and I thought it would go great with the sparkling wine. The nice, fruity cocktail was a great pick-me-up to a stressful day and it will definitely be added to rotation. It's actually one of my favorites now. (It might even beat out the coconut drinks!) The combination of rum with the juices was very light and bubbly so, as it's reputation states, it's a perfect brunch drink. As an added bonus, float some chopped, frozen strawberries on top to chill the drink while offering something pretty to look at and taste.

Mango Mimosa

4 oz Champagne or Sparkling White Wine
1 oz orange juice
1.5 oz mango nectar
.5 oz simple syrup
About two strawberries, chopped then frozen

1. Mix first four ingredients together in glass. 
2. Top with strawberries.

Photos shown have doubled ingredients

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