Friday, March 14, 2014

Grilled Shallots with Thyme

I love shallots. They're so cute and have such a wonderfully subtle onion flavor that they're the perfect addition for many dishes. They're best for when you want a hint of onion but don't want to overwhelm things. And because they're so mild in flavor, they work great as a side dish all on their own.

These grilled shallots are fantastic when paired with a grilled steak or even barbecued chicken. You can change up the herbs to compliment your other dishes for a custom taste every time! I added the balsamic for a little tang but you could easily leave it out if you aren't a fan. Or try some red wine vinegar or a little lemon juice for some variations. The sky's the limit here!

Grilled Shallots with Thyme


 1/2 bag shallots, peeled (about 6-8)
 1 tsp kosher salt
 1/2 tsp pepper
 1 tsp fresh thyme
 3 TB olive oil
 1 TB balsamic vinegar (optional)


1. Toss shallots with all other ingredients.
2. Place on large sheet of heavy duty foil and fold up to a pocket. Make sure all seams are on the sides and sealed well.
3. Grill over medium heat over 10-15 minutes, turning over halfway through cooking time, until tender. (If your shallots are really small, reduce cooking time by about 5 minutes.)

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